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Lines In Sand

It is still a haunting mystery to me, how imaginary lines on sand drawn by western politicians in 1916 still affect  my everyday life. Yes you know it, the infamous Sykes-Picot agreement, that is ironically well known to some 500 million arabs breathing today. We will openly speak horribly of how the English and the French divided us into tribes of what still is a “one nation” , the “Umma”. What is haunting is how ironic and false this is,  how the Lebanese mother refused a Palestinian groom,  how the Jordanian teen reminds his Syrian neighbour that he’s still a “visitor”, how the Kuwaiti openly mocks his Saudi colleague’s ancestry, how a Syrian would feel more deserving of a job than his Iraqi competitor in a busy Damascene market, how every school and every university specifies one day a year that celebrates our separate nations creating a platform for nationalistic competition, and how our youth think it’s an act of glory and pride. Examples can go on, where I am almost certain every one of us, no matter where we’re located (we’re everywhere by the way) has been easily trapped in this patriotic nationalistic vortex. Continue reading “Lines In Sand”